Marvel Crisis Protocol

I’ve been sitting on a core set to Marvel Crisis Protocol since late last year, but since I was going through some hobby burn out at the time(though I still bought things occasionally for some reason) I just now got around to assembling and painting it. My daughter is a huge Spider-Man fan, so once she recognized him in his assembled and black primed state, she made sure he was next on the painting table, so I grabbed him and the other two that were mostly blue and red too. I was a little hesitant to paint any of these miniatures because true scale has never been a friend of mine when painting, though the larger (32mm?) scale is better than 28mm or 25mm. Also the bright and contrasting superhero colors don’t work well with general painting style where I hide all my mistakes with generous use of washes. Maybe if it was a DC game, I could pass off dark heavily washed miniatures as being inspired by the Zack Snyder movies, but it doesn’t feel quite right for Marvel miniatures, so I did my best at keeping them bright, but they still ended up a bit more muted than I intended, especially Spider-Man. But part of my recent painting goals have been to pick up better techniques, so maybe they’ll improve as I work my way through the core box and into the expansions, of which I mostly have Guardians of the Galaxy.

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