Marvel Crisis Protocol

I’ve been sitting on a core set to Marvel Crisis Protocol since late last year, but since I was going through some hobby burn out at the time(though I still bought things occasionally for some reason) I just now got around to assembling and painting it. My daughter is a huge Spider-Man fan, so once she recognized him in his assembled and black primed state, she made sure he was next on the painting table, so I grabbed him and the other two that were mostly blue and red too. I was a little hesitant to paint any of these miniatures because true scale has never been a friend of mine when painting, though the larger (32mm?) scale is better than 28mm or 25mm. Also the bright and contrasting superhero colors don’t work well with general painting style where I hide all my mistakes with generous use of washes. Maybe if it was a DC game, I could pass off dark heavily washed miniatures as being inspired by the Zack Snyder movies, but it doesn’t feel quite right for Marvel miniatures, so I did my best at keeping them bright, but they still ended up a bit more muted than I intended, especially Spider-Man. But part of my recent painting goals have been to pick up better techniques, so maybe they’ll improve as I work my way through the core box and into the expansions, of which I mostly have Guardians of the Galaxy.

Jakkob Bugmansson

I’m enjoying painting miniatures that done have an actual game use and taking my time on them. I guess painting him in one evening is still faster than some people, but usually I don’t bother putting any extra effort into characters but I’ve been spending a bit more time lately. Right now I’m trying not to lean too much on dry brushing(unless it’s an really obvious case where dry brushing is the only thing that really makes sense) and doing more edge highlighting, which I normally never do. I’m still not super neat with those highlights, but I’m enjoying the way they’re coming out overall.

Back into Wargaming

In the last several years the wargaming hobby has been my go to use of free time, but due to a certain plague, I’ve not many games the past 18 months or so. Also, in a poorly timed coincidence, I also found myself getting a bit burned out on the hobby side just as everyone was getting stuck indoors and then I moved, which put all my miniatures and hobby supplies in limbo for a while. I ended up growing my retro computing interest into a hobby itself(and I thought I was running low on shelf space before) so I didn’t go completely crazy, but now I’ve sorted out all my miniatures and paints for the most part and I’m getting ready to switch gears back into my wargaming hobby. The delta variant is putting damper on it a bit, but I’m vaccinated and going to giving the gaming side a try, thought probably not at crowed games stores too much for the foreseeable future.

Delta variant or not, I can definitely start getting work done on the hobby side though. I’m planning out my big projects, but I’ve got paint on a few miniatures just to get my feet wet.

While I did paint a few things over my wargaming break, this was first thing I when I decided to really get started in earnest. I’ve had this for a while and it’s great miniature and I’m glad I finally got around to it. In a rare move for me, there’s not dry brushing.

I kept the theme of Dwarfs that weren’t actually useful as game pieces going with this one. This was the 2019 GW Christmas mini, so it’s been waiting a little while(the 2020 Jakkob Bugmansson is primed and sitting on my desk, so he won’t be as long).

I kept the Dwarf theme going, but started inching towards unit size painting, and painting miniatures that would eventually see the gaming table(hopefully). These guys are part of a slow growing army of some rather old GW sculpts that will hopefully be used in some WHFB.

I kept going with the unit size painting along with older metal GW minis, but dropped the Dwarf theme. Other than the metalics, these were mostly shades over a primer of Greyseer. They came out a little lighter that I like my Nurgle stuff, which I’ve generally had a more sand colored primer in the past, but the same style of painting with washes.

I wasn’t able to stay away from Dwarfs for long and pull these half finished guys out. Their hair and skin were an experiment with contrast paints and I finally finished up the rest. The contrast results are pretty mixed. I’m not the fan of the paints a base coat type thing, but they do have some interesting uses as more technical paints.

Finally we have one of my favorite Warhammer miniatures, but I had avoided getting him or painting him for so long because for the longest time I tied my hobby to what I would use in a game, and I didn’t have an army for him. I don’t have those restrictions on myself anymore, and he still might see the tabletop in a skirmish game sometime.

In the immediate future I’ve got the aforementioned Jakkob Buggmansson litterally on the paint table ready to go and right behind him I’ve got and Orlock gang for Necromunda and the miniatures from the core set of Marvel Crisis Protocol. Looking even further into the future I’ve got an Oathmark Dwarf army in the mail and coming right behind it is a lot of stuff for Stargrave. I’m really looking forward to the Stargrave stuff, especially after being less than impressed with the new Kill Team. I plan to play a little campaign with my 11 year old son to get him into some wargaming and hopefully I can get something going with some of the local people as well, but we’ll have to wait and see on that.